Service Guarantee

Quality Assurance and Service Commitment

  1. 1、Ensure to demand side that equipment is of good condition and advanced technology.
  2. 2、From the date of acceptance of the equipment by demand side, the equipment is under one year warranty, during which free on-site service is provided. Post one year warranty period, lifetime maintenance is provided at a reduced cost and free of labour charge.
  3. 3、The supply-side provides free operation and maintenance training to users:
    1. a, pre-delivery training at the supply-side assembly plant (see training plan).
    2. b, On-field production operation training at the premise of demand side.
  4. 4、Installation and commissioning at user site:
    1. a, Site equipment in place, connection of common conduit is user’s responsibility; connections of pipes inside device and control cable installation is the responsibility of supply side.
    2. b, Provision a full range of technical information for the equipment including IQ, OQ documents.
    3. c, Provision of complete equipment manuals and operating procedures (SOP).
    4. d, Assistance with user’s GMP certification.
  5. 5、It is guaranteed that supply side dispatches service repair personal as soon as the written notice of equipment maintenance request is served by demand side.
  6. 6、For parts and accessories in urgent need from supply side, our company will address at first instance and utilise various express transportation method to achieve quickest delivery, such as air express, China Railway Express and the like. Mainland China only.